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Hi, and welcome to the official website of Kevin Casey, the Remote River Man: wilderness explorer and professional freelance writer. Here you can find out all about my latest journeys exploring the wildest and least known rivers on earth.  View all my latest video clips on YouTube at, check out the FAQs page, or purchase a DVD from the Remote River Man web store.  If you like, register to become a Member of this site and also please subscribe to the Remote River Man YouTube channel - it's free, and you'll be given an automatic heads-up when a new video appears.  Give me your feedback via the guestbook, check out the specialized gear I use on the My Gear page, or interact with myself and other remote river enthusiasts on the Remote River Man Facebook Fan Page.


If you are interested in my professional writing services, please head straight to: 


Read this terrific article about my 2013 River With No Name expedition in the Kimberley, in Sidetracked magazine:  

The new Remote River Man DVDs are going well!   Coast of Bears highlights my month-long solo journey along the Ecstall and Quall Rivers in Canada.  Black bears everywhere, nasty portages, a dangerous flood, wolf tracks right at my tent door, soggy rain-soaked toilet paper, woeful singing, close (and I mean real close) encounters with grizzly bear scat, and some of the most awe-inspiring scenery on earth - this trip had it all.  Order your Coast of Bears DVD from my Products page today!  Cost is AUD$19.95, plus $6.00 shipping for Aussie buyers and $8.00 shipping for those ordering from overseas.  This price applies to all my DVDs.

Also, check out this double-dose of Remote River Man, which includes two journeys - Packrafting the Kimberley (42 minutes) and a Bonus Feature: Jungles of Gabon (20 minutes).  It's a month-long solo rafting adventure down the pristine and beautiful King Edward River featuring one of the most remote and spectacular waterfalls on earth, plus all sorts of surprises from the Baka pygmy people of western Africa, including their amazing diet of antelope, monkey, hornbill and a bucketful of squirming grubs... 

My recent journey to the pristine Rewa River in the central Guyana jungle was spectacularly successful, and the wildlife unsurpassed. The new DVD is out NOW!  REWA: Guyana's Primeval River features an exploration of one of South America's wildest untouched rivers, brimming with endangered otters, gigantic monster fish, shy tapirs, bizarre parasites (living inside the mouths of piranhas!) and some of most astounding jungle scenery and waterfalls on earth.  Just as amazing was my Makushi tribesman companion, whose expertise at bow and arrow fishing from a standing position in a moving canoe left even me speechless...

In 2013 I completed a journey along the Temash River in southern Belize, the 'River With No Name' expedition in the Kimberley, then a solo journey to isolated Helmcken Lake on Princess Royal Island in BC, Canada.

If you like big piranhas, check out this article in Sidetracked magazine about my incredible trip to the Rewa River in the jungles of Guyana:   



The bizarre and the beautiful - incredible wildlife of the Rewa River, Guyana


Ever had a bug lodged in your ear?  Happens to me all the time...

The hazards of swamp exploration - vampire bats and hungry caiman


The biggest wild snake I've ever seen, deep in the jungle of Gabon, West Africa


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Packrafting - the ultimate in lightweight remote river exploration

 What's green, inflatable, weighs just over 2 kilograms, can be carried in a backpack with a four-piece paddle, is amazingly durable for its weight, and helps me explore the remotest, least accessible creeks and swamps on the planet?  My trusty Alpacka packraft, of course... here I make good use of it along the King Edward river in the tropical Kimberley region of Western Australia.



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